Shit Models Say: Explained

This really did make me giggle. Mainly because there’s humour in truth; so I’d thought I’d own up to my stereotypical statements and add a little bit of context to the jokes for those of you a little less familiar with the industry…

“I had like five castings today, I’m so exhausted” TRY FIFTEEN, BITCH. To be honest with you, it’s not really the quantity of castings (much, much higher during show season) that bothers me. It’s the organisation of them. For example: you’ll have to meet two clients whose offices are about ten metres apart – sounds really easy, right? But, alas, they’re six hours apart.

But you needn’t worry about having nothing to do, because you’ll need plenty of time to trek from Islington to Bermondsey to Shoreditch to Chelsea and back again in between.

There are much, MUCH more difficult jobs, but having the exact same conversation so many times in one day does mean castings get very monotonous.

“My agent said I need to lose three inches” – exaggerated, of course, but your size really is scrutinized. The media stories are no myth…

CLUB PROMOTERS: So. Damn. True. I died laughing here, but it’s strange how accustomed you get to not queuing, not paying for drinks and generally expecting everything to be sorted out for you, in return for simply showing up.  #Diva

“I need a cigarette” There is A LOT of waiting around that comes with this job. When you’re sitting doing (almost) nothing- sometimes for around 4 hours before a show- it’s a way to pop out for some air, and of course some of the best conversations happen in smoking areas…

“Three callbacks and they don’t book me!?” This happens a lot. Or a client will ”option” you for a job repeatedly and never actually use you. (boo, hiss) I’m assuming it’s not just me…

“I think I might start a fashion blog”  Well I’ve no comment there…



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