eBay Fashion Winter Lookbook 2012 – Featuring Me!

There are few things I love doing more than being part of a creative project – so when eBay asked me to model in their 2012 Winter Lookbook, as well as blogging, attending a launch event, being interviewed by Grazia and generally being a little bit more than just a clotheshorse for the brand, I jumped at the chance.

Let’s begin with some behind-the-scenes pictures and video. That’s because in my eyes, what goes into the making of great images is even more enjoyable than seeing the finished product itself. I talk a hell of a lot when it comes to fashion and (as you can hear) this occasion was no exception…

We shot at Big Sky Studios, which will always have a little place in my heart as that’s where some of those ASOS Christmas ads that plagued your internet browsers last year were shot.

My partner in playing dress-up was fellow blogger Aelrid Turner of Olive Collar, and under the watchful eye of lookbook stylist Navaz (aka DisneyRollerGirl) we got some fab looks together to prance about in on set.

I had buckets of fun shooting -and subsequently drinking champagne with- all of team and would like to say a big thanks to everyone at Shine comms. and eBay fashion for having me on board.

See more from the lookbook HERE



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